Discipling Your Children Bible Study

If you go to Amazon.com you will find a ton of books on parenting.  And of course there’s always the advice of friends and family.  All this certainly can have value, but one thing my husband and I did when our son was a toddler that was incredibly helpful was to go directly to the Scriptures to see what they had to say.

A friend shared with us the following study that proved for us to be pure gold.  It was compiled sometime prior to the 1990s as that’s when we received a copy.  What I love about it is you aren’t trying to take parenting advice and then go to the Scriptures trying to find Biblical support.  Instead you start with the Scriptures.

I found it helpful to take time to write out the verses listed in each reference! True, it’s much easier to use a computer and cut and paste the following verses onto a Word document – but you want to be sure you’re really taking in the content and many times a great way to do that is to write the verses out by hand.  (if you’d rather not hand write them, but instead print them out I’d encourage you to read over the verses with a colored pen or pencil in hand underlining the things that stand out to you.  I have found this can be a huge help in processing!)

After you’ve written out or read through the verses, there are a list of questions you can seek to answer based on the verses you’ve read.  This really was a powerful way to process and work through our convictions as a couple.  My husband and I did the study separately, then spent time together discussing our observations and conclusions.  Did it ever help us, two very different people, coming from very different backgrounds to get more on the same page regarding parenting and discipling our son.

Now please note due to the nature of the questions, two different people may work through this and come up with very different answers.  In truth, God’s Word is the Living Word and there may be different aspects that He highlights for you.  Remember when you are doing Bible study there is observation – what the text says, interpretation – what the text means, and application – how the text gets applied and lived out in your life and family.  Be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and teach you and give you wisdom as you go through this process!  The Author is right there with you!  Feel free to ask Him questions and enjoy His presence as you do this!  :0)

We found this study created a great foundation for discussion, that helped us step outside current cultural norms and consider what we were going to do in our family based on the timeless truths of God’s Word.  By no means am I saying it’s the best study or resource out there!  But I always like to pass on things that helped me personally!

If you don’t like some of the questions or the way they are worded, feel free to omit, change or add what you’d like!  I just love the idea of going to the Scriptures first and then drawing your conclusions from there.

This is also a great resource older women can share with young moms.  I recommend it highly!


Discipling Your Children

1.  Discover all you can about child raising and family living from the following passages.  Record your observations and questions as you study each passage.  Be sure to note the context.  (This is not an exhaustive list of verses… add your own!)

Exodus 13:8

Deuteronomy 6:6,7

Joshua 4:21-24

Joshua 24:15

1 Samuel 1:3, 2:12, 2:22, 3:12,13

Proverbs 1:8

Proverbs 13:24

Proverbs 14:26

Proverbs 19:11

Proverbs 20:7

Proverbs 22:6

Proverbs 22:15

Proverbs 23:13

Proverbs 29:15, 17

Proverbs 31:28

Ecclesiastes 8:11

Mark 10:13-16

Ephesians 6:1-4

1 Timothy 3:4,5,12

Titus 1:6

Titus 2:4,5

Hebrews 12:9-11


Deuteronomy 4:9

1 Kings 1:6

Psalm 71:18

Psalm 78:5-8

Psalm 127, 128

Proverbs 13:1

Proverbs 13:22

2.  Based on the passages you have studied, answer the following questions (with appropriate references).  Where the Scriptures do not give a direct answer, be sure your response is rooted to Scriptural principles.

A. Is spanking Scriptural?  List three guidelines for disciplining children.

B.  Whose responsibility is it to teach your children about God?  What role should the local church play?

C.  Should parents argue or have “discussions” in their children’s presence?

D.  What should parents do when children do not want to have family devotions?  When children show little interest in spiritual things?

E.  Should both parents work outside the home?  How will this affect the children?

F.  How should your children be educated?

G.  How can a busy mom or dad find time for God, others, self with a busy household of pre-school children?

H.  How can parents combat the influence of secular society on their children?  What kinds of guidelines should be developed regarding TV?

I.  What role does touching physically play in a home?

J.  How does your relationship to your spouse affect your children?

K.  How does your relationship to God affect your children?  How does it affect your ability to properly raise your children?

3.  Best two verses on parenting (for memory):  ___________________     ____________________

4.  I would be a more effective Biblical parent if I…

(a)  ____________________________________________________________

(b)  ____________________________________________________________

(c)  ____________________________________________________________

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