Pennies or Gold?

When you are discipling someone, which is more important:  Content or Caring?

According to 1 Corinthians 13… well, why don’t we put a discipleship spin on those first few verses and consider…

Though I have the best follow-up plans and have memorized the entire Bible, if I don’t have love, I have… NOTHING!

And though I have the wisdom of Solomon and can answer any questions someone may ask me, if I don’t have love, I have… NOTHING!  In fact, I’m just as good as an obnoxious noise that irritates everyone around me!

And even if I wear myself out for over thirty years discipling women, seeking to sacrifice all I am and have for the advancement of God’s kingdom, if I don’t have love, I have… NOTHING!

So what’s more important:  Content or caring?!

Without love, no matter what you do, it’s all worth a big zero!

But one of the most important ways we can care for someone is reflected by the content of our time with them.

You see, in Psalm 19:10 we’re told God’s Word is more precious than silver and more costly than gold.  My words, however, well… it says in Proverbs 10:19, “When words are many, sin is not absent!”  If I truly love someone, why would I want to fill up our time with my words, when we could be discussing The Word?  Why would I want to give them pennies, when bars of gold are available to share?!  Especially as God promises His Word never goes forth without accomplishing the purpose He has for it!  (Check out Isaiah 55:11)

Now this takes intentionality.  And it may seem a little awkward at first.  It’s a lot easier to just get together and chat.  But often what comes easy or what we naturally do isn’t what’s best.  Isn’t what’s loving.

So caring is most important!  But content sure can be a key part of caring!


NOTE:  If you want a peek at one of my favorite ways of spending a one on one with someone focusing on God’s Word, click on the Helps page and read about having a Shared Quiet Time.  Even if this was all you did for an entire year while meeting with someone, you would bless them with unbelievable treasure!  And I don’t just do this when I’m discipling someone, many times when I meet with friends I’ll suggest we share a quiet time together.  It’s amazing how a little time in the Word at the start can get you going deeper and sharing more from the heart than just chatting ever will!

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