Humble Yourself…

My friend Kathy became a Christian during high school and then went on to attend a Bible college.  She got involved with The Navigators when she transferred to her state university at the start of her Junior year.

Now she was in a Bible study where her leader had only been a Christian for two years but during that time she had been met with one on one and discipled.  When this Bible study leader asked my friend if she’d like to start meeting weekly, my friend jumped at the opportunity!

Each week they met, memorized one verse from The Navigators’ Topical Memory System and sought to apply it to their lives.  For an entire year that’s what they did.  Simple.  But you know, my friend said she grew more in that year than she had in the previous five years she’d been a Christian – including her year at Bible college!!!

And here’s the kicker – the woman discipling her had been a Christian less than half the number of years my friend had!  I think this is so key to note, because there are times when the Lord leads us to invest in women who have been Christians longer than we have, perhaps even who are older than us!  Or He may lead us to learn from someone younger than us… spiritually as well as physically!

Is my friend ever thankful she didn’t resist in pride because she’d been a Christian longer than the friend discipling her!!!  Or that her Bible study leader didn’t feel like she couldn’t offer, because she’d been a Christian fewer years.  

Because they both humbled themselves and followed Jesus, it proved life changing… for life!

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